Eric and Jessica Leszkowicz have been photographing wedding for more than 10 years.  Jessica actually grew up photographing them with her father.  They are the most experienced wedding photography team in Findlay.

What is the one thing that sets you apart?

Without a doubt it is our service to the client.  We help you find that special caterer or table favor that you heard of.  Our wedding experience has us seeing so many different weddings and so many different approaches – it feels like you have hired a wedding planner and a photographer.

Isn’t wedding photography hard and tiring?

Absolutely.  It is Eric’s opinion that wedding photography is the most technically demanding of all the photographic disciplines.  Sure, you only get one shot for the moments, but even more so you are dealing with changing light and weather conditions and a HOST of people and personalities.   This makes it even stranger that so many “friends” have a camera and say that they can handle a wedding.  After 10 years and a bunch of weddings, we use every skill we have to create our work.  This is not for the friend with a camera.